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This page is dedicated to informing you what a membership entails, how the application process looks like and on the bottom of the page you will find the price list. Information about a membership is all the way down. First, there is information about our open house for the public.

Cigarrklubben is a private membership club for cigar smokers in the heart of the  Stockholm with unlimited access to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every single day of the year.

One might wonder how new this club is, well not at all would be the most correct reply. The club has been around since 2012, in different shapes or forms and under different types of management.  Although we have tried to give the club more or less formal and international names we are simply known in the cigar world as Cigarrklubben, which translates to The Cigar Club. 

Enough said. Welcome to Cigarrklubben.

But, don´t feel all to welcome if you´re not a member. This is a membership club and we give most of our attention to our members. And some to the public. Questions already answered on the website and outside our scope will most probably be ignored in one way or the other.

We only offer access through our open house access to people who does not understand Swedish. This is due to the fact that we operate in a complex legal framework, all agreements are in Swedish, and so is the entire line of communication towards the members.


OPEN HOUSE (legally the public sometimes)

We are open to the public Fridays & Saturdays 12-18 (you need to book beforehand, doors are not open for every Tom, Dick and Harry). It is legally considered the public (from the tobacco legislations perspective) but we still preserve the right to take into consideration who is allowed to visit us. This is a good way for us to get to know you.

  • The smoking room is max 25% of the total venue in accordance with the legal framework for smoking rooms. 
  • Food, drinks (not even water), snacks and basically anything else that you can put in your mouth can not accompany you to the smoking room. Just your cigar. 
  • No entertainment in the smoking room (i.e music, TV etc).
  • Luckely, furniture is allowed, so you wont be standing.

We do not have a tobacco license (ie we do not sell cigars) so you bring your own cigars that you want to consume in our smoking room. And we do not sell alcohol but feel free to bring your own that you can consume outside the smoking room for a small serving fee (we offer cutlery, glass, do the dishes, etc). 

Sodas and snacks are for sale here, and you obviously need to buy that from us.

In order for you to access the smoking room you need to register beforehand (at least a couple of working days before). There is no registration fee but you need to await approval. After an approved registration you will become part of our roster and can get in touch and book a time slot in order to access our lounge.

In order to register please email Customer Service on and we need the following information from you: 

  • Legal name.
  • Personnummer (Swedish Social Security number or equivalent). If you don´t have one, attach a picture of your passport (where your name etc. is visible).
  • Phone number.
  • Email.
  • If you accept newsletters (this is important for us as we need to inform you of when we sometime close, or a new law etc, we rarely send marketing or such emails).

Make sure to send any requests days beforehand. We process requests during office hours and have no possibility to process requests with you standing outside our doorstep.

When your registration is confirmed you will receive an email with important information and after that you are free to visit us during our opening hours for the public after you book your timeslot.

The fee to use the smoking room/lounge is based on the time your cigars take to smoke. The best way to the determine that is to weigh your cigar. 

Cigars up to 10 grams costs 200 SEK to smoke. And an additional 20 SEK per gram after that.

Obvioulsy, you need to be minimum 18 years of age.