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This page is dedicated to informing you what a membership entails, how the application process looks like and on the bottom of the page you will find the price list.

Cigarrklubben is a private membership club for cigar smokers in the heart of the Old Town (Gamla Stan) in Stockholm with unlimited access to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every single day of the year.

One might wonder how new this club is, well not at all would be the most correct reply. The club has been around since 2012, in the same place and although we have tried to give the club more or less formal and international names we are simply known in the Stockholm cigar world as "Cigarrklubben", which translates to "The Cigar Club". 

Enough said. Welcome to "The Cigar Club".

But, don´t feel all to welcome if you´re not a member. This is a membership club and we give all our attention to our members. All others will most probably be ignored in one way or the other.

However, if you want to become a member, keep reading below. There is hope even for you.


Obviously living in Sweden and being a cigar smoker presents itself with plenty of hurdles and obstacles. Well, we are not part of the problem. We are the solution by giving members access to our venue in the heart of the Old Town (Gamla Stan) in Stockholm with unlimited access to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every singel day of the year.

It sounds amazing, but is this for me one might think? I am not a noble aristocrat, will I fit in a gentlemans club? Will my membership application be approved? Will I be laughing stock?

Well. Take a couple of deep breaths. We are exclusively inclusive. This is not a gentlemans club (although we expect you to behave like one). We don´t give a flying flamingo if you´re male or female (or if you change sex more often than others change underwear). We don´t care if you are a plumber or a CEO. The point we are trying to make is our only denominators when it comes to members is that you enjoy cigars in one way or the other and you are a decent human being. We have people who frequent us that lives abroad. We have members of the Cloth coming and going. We have poor spouses that have a membership only to support their better half while they smoke cigar after cigar while they sit there and count the minutes (or hours) and long to be on their way home. We have women, men and most probably some non-binary members. We have noble men, police officers and free masons. You get the point by now.

What our members have in common is that they smoke cigar. And want a place where they are able to do so.  They have the ability to behave and share common grounds, respect each other, the clubs rules and can handle the responsibility of having access to a venue twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, every singel day of the year. That is really the foundation of a membership. You need to be a decent person, it´s really not more complicated than that.

The first step towards applying for a membership is to email our customer service your personal details. Send the email to and make sure it contains the following:

-Swedish Social Security number (Personnummer).

-If you lack one (Personnummer), because you are visiting a lot in business for example please state the national equivalent and your country of citizenship. 

-First & Surname. 

-Address, postal code  and town/city (postort).

-Phone number.


Upon sending the email with your personal detaiIs you also approve that we proceed with doing a credit check/report (kreditupplysning) regarding your personal finances. That is the first step in the application process, in order to move forward to the next step, you need to have an approved credit score. For information on how we store your personal data check out our data protection policy (obviously in Swedish since we are a highly local venture).

The next step is a personal visit to the club where you will meet our President, share a cigar and discuss the club and you as a potential member in general. The whole purpose is to get a feel for each other.  This could take place more then once. We have no intention of moving fast, quite the contrary. 

Upon being approved for a membership a contract is signed (your physical presence is hence needed in the club), at the same time, while still in the club, you will pay for your membership and deposit funds for the key. And all of sudden, you are a member. This is nothing that is done online, the entire process requires you to be present. We are way to conservative for online contracts.


  • Annually in advance 7665 Sek - 12 months curing period and one month mutual notice period - the membership that gives you a real bang for the buck, the most profitable one for you and our most popular one. It is 20% cheaper than paying monthly and gives you access 24/7 all year around.

Monthly payment through Swedish autogiro (you need a Swedish Bank account for these below memberships) - all of them with an ongoing 3 months mutual notice period. 

  • 24/7 all year around: 800 Sek per month (same as above, but more expensive while being nicer to your liquidity). 
  • Weekdays 24/7: 300 Sek per month. Gives you access Monday-Thursday 24/7.
  • Weekend 24/7: 500 Sek per month. Gives you access Friday-Sunday 24/7.
  • Distance, 24/7 all year around: 200 Sek per month. Only applicable if you live outside Stockholm County, so if you live abroad and visit often this is an option but only if you bank locally. 
  • Cinderella, gives you access every other Monday until midnight: 200 Sek per month.
  • All memberships can be extended to include your spouse for a surcharge of 30%.  

A key deposit fee of 1500 Sek is also due upon signing the contract. The deposit is returned to you when you upon termination fo the contract (if you still have it of course). Deposition is payed upfront. Membership is only available for private individuals (not companies or corporations). Only people above 18 years of age are allowed in/on the premises. All memberships are personal. Prices include VAT where applicable.

Please note that diplomats renounce their diplomatic immunity while on the clubs premises, read our user agreement for more information.

We prefer that our members are vaccinated against covid-19, however, this is nor a requirement or a wish. We are merely hoping that this is the case.

We do not approve membership applications for members under the age of 25.