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This page is dedicated to informing you what a membership entails, how the application process looks like and on the bottom of the page you will find the price list.

Cigarrklubben is a private membership club for cigar smokers in the heart of the  Stockholm with unlimited access to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every single day of the year.

One might wonder how new this club is, well not at all would be the most correct reply. The club has been around since 2012, in different shapes or forms and under different types of management.  Although we have tried to give the club more or less formal and international names we are simply known in the Stockholm cigar world as "Cigarrklubben", which translates to "The Cigar Club". 

Enough said. Welcome to "The Cigar Club".

But, don´t feel all to welcome if you´re not a member. This is a membership club and we give all our attention to our members. All others will most probably be ignored in one way or the other.

However, if you want to become a member, keep reading below. There is hope even for you.


Obviously living in Sweden and being a cigar smoker presents itself with plenty of hurdles and obstacles. Well, we are not part of the problem. We are the solution by giving members access to our venue in the heart of Stockholm with unlimited access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every singel day of the year.

It sounds amazing, but is this for me one might think? I am not a noble aristocrat, will I fit in a gentlemans club? Will my membership application be approved? Will I be a laughing stock?

Well. Take a couple of deep breaths. We are exclusively inclusive. This is not a gentlemans club (although we expect you to behave like one). We don´t give a flying flamingo if you´re male or female (or if you change sex more often than others change underwear). We don´t care if you are a plumber or a CEO. The point we are trying to make is our only denominators when it comes to members is that you enjoy cigars in one way or the other and you are a decent human being. We have people who frequent us that lives abroad. We have members of the Cloth coming and going. We have poor spouses that have a membership only to support their better half while they smoke cigar after cigar while they sit there and count the minutes (or hours) and long to be on their way home. We have women, men and most probably some non-binary members. We have noble men, police officers and free masons. You get the point by now.

What our members have in common is that they smoke cigar. And want a place where they are able to do so.  They have the ability to behave and share common grounds, respect each other, the clubs rules and can handle the responsibility of having access to a venue twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, every singel day of the year. That is really the foundation of a membership. You need to be a decent person, it´s really not more complicated than that.

The first step towards applying for a membership is to email our customer service your personal details. Send the email to and make sure it contains the following:

-Swedish Social Security number (Personnummer).

-If you lack one (Personnummer), because you are visiting a lot in business for example please state the national equivalent and your country of citizenship. 

-First & Surname. 

-Address, postal code  and town/city (postort).

-Phone number.


- State which membership you are interested in (see below).

The application is not binding from either your side or ours. This is merely a way to signal interest and start the application process.

We offer only a nonmber membership to people who does not understand Swedish. This is due to the fact that we operate in a complex legal framework, all agreements are in Swedish, and so is the entire line of communication towards the members.

Upon sending the email with your personal detaiIs you also approve that we proceed with doing a background check. The background check is less invasive for nonmbers than it is for members that hold a key of their own. There is no application fee for nonmbers.

The background check is done by our security subcontractor, a company that is specialized in ongoing security screening, personal safety, personal protection and ongoing security consultations. They have a background in the Swedish Police,  Swedish Intelligence Service and the Swedish Military. Their job is to  ensure the safety of the club as an entity, the staff, and its members. This sounds scarier than it is, we share the same subcontractor, and basically the same service with many Swedish municipalities.

For information on how we store your personal data check out our data protection policy (obviously in Swedish since we are a highly local venture).

That is the first step in the application process, in order to move forward to the next step, you need to have an approved background check. The next step is an online interview where you will meet our President and discuss the club and you as a potential nonmber in general. The whole purpose is to get a feel for each other.  

Upon being approved for a nonmbership you will be added to our database and provided with the neccesarry contact details in order to get access within the limits of your nonmbership.


  • Nonmbers, a second degree membership where you don´t have access to the premises and your own key. Nonmbers go through the same background checks, but they are however not honoured with meeting our President IRL but have to make do with an online interview instead. Upon approval of your nonmber membership you will be added to our database. The membership itself is free. From time to time you will receive invitation to nonmber time slots where the Club is staffed and made available for you. There is also the option of visiting the Club by contacting us when it is staffed. The price for each entry is 735 SEK.

Membership is only available for private individuals (not companies or corporations). Only people above 18 years of age are allowed in/on the premises. All memberships are personal. Prices include VAT where applicable.

Please note that diplomats renounce their diplomatic immunity while on the clubs premises, read our user agreement for more information.

We prefer that our members are vaccinated against covid-19, however, this is nor a requirement or a wish. We are merely hoping that this is the case.

We do not approve membership applications for applicants under the age of 25. 

We do not accept walk ins, we are by no means a lounge. We are a private membership club with no access to the public and this is not because we want to appear difficult nor mysterious. It is because the restrictions put upon us by the laws of the land.